Reservation management

There are endless reservation management systems to choose from, so why use Tavolos?

Tavolos is free. No strings attached. Why free? There should be no reason for restaurants not to be on Tavolos. We want all restaurants, bars and cafes to use our service. Choice and variety drives diner traffic to our site and the more diners on our site, the more reservations you can expect.

Credit Card Guarantees. Start reducing your no-shows and demand diners add a credit card to guarantee their bookings. Only charge them if they don't show. 

Learn more about credit card guarantees.




Table Management

With Tavolos' table management system, you can either use it with our reservation management system, or you can add bookings from any other systems you may already be using.

  • Manage floorplans, tables, and spaces. It’s important to keep track of who’s sitting where and when to optimise each service. Our floorplan and space tools are designed to help you seat more covers.

Outreach Management & MARKETING

Our aggregated outreach management system will allow you to centralize the creation of outreach content and push it out to your preferred destinations. Using your customer data in Tavolos, create campaigns and target adverts, offers and promotions to diners that suit you.

  • Create campaigns to target the right kind of customer. If you’re looking for a particular type of customer - perhaps you’ve got a new dish you want to try, or a new, fantastic bottle of Red - Tavolos can help you to find the kind of customer you're looking for.

Marketplace (coming soon)

Connecting with local suppliers is becoming more and more important. Who wants to buy food and products from a factory when it’s produced locally and sustainably near by.

  • Buy & source locally produced products. Knowing where your produce came from is important. Find and buy from small and local producers and suppliers to support the local community.
  • Buy or sell used equipment. Sometimes when you change a menu, you find you don’t need certain parts of equipment. Or perhaps, you’re a new restaurant that can’t afford to buy it brand new. With the Tavolos marketplace, buy and sell equipment locally.