Tavolos F&B Benchmarking

The Tavolos F&B Report is a vital revenue management tool for the global restaurant industry. The report is a monthly deliverable that benchmarks your restaurant's food and beverage operations against its competitive aggregate and local market. 


Report details

  • Annual subscription (pricing based on restaurant spend/head)
  • Shows your F&B performance compared to the aggregated performance of your chosen competitive set
  • Ability to select additional comp sets
  • Includes year-on-year percentage change and index
  • Individual proprietary data is never shared 
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Which KPIs can I see?

  • Average ticket size
  • Ratio of food to beverage spend
  • Total monthly spend

What other metrics are there?

  • How does weather and traffic affect your revenue?
  • Which months are busy, and quiet?
  • Compare menu pricing

Where does tavolos get the data?

  1. Restaurants provide data monthly from their POS
  2. They select their competitive set
  3. We aggregate the data collected
  4. We mix in reservation, government, and environmental data
  5. We produce reports monthly.

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