Don't lose out, secure your reservations with Credit Card Guarantees

We know how annoying it can be for restaurants when diners don't show up to their reservations, so we've got your back. 

In Bangkok, no-shows ARE 15% higher than other cities*. 

Restaurants on Tavolos can turn on Credit Card Guaranteed Reservations as and when it suits them. This means that on these dates, diners must add a credit card to complete a booking. 

If the diner doesn't show - you can charge them a no-show fee**.


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Secure bookings

Use credit card guarantees to secure bookings and lower the risk of no-shows and cancellations.


Take deposits

Holding a special event? Ask customers for a deposit at the time of making a booking to ensure they don’t bail on you at the last minute, or worse, just not show up.

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Accept full payment

For important dining days like Mother’s Day or set course menus, receive payment upfront to protect yourself from no-shows.


Reduce your no-shows now

To start taking Credit Card Guaranteed Reservations, register your restaurant for free now, or get in touch and one of our team will contact you to get you set up.

* Original article on BK Magazine, titled "Bangkok Chef's rage at Valentines day no-shows"

** Tavolos charges restaurants 10% of the no-show fee to cover fees from credit card processing systems, and the transfer fee back to restaurants. 

I.e if you set your no-show fee at 1,000 THB/diner, and a table of 2 makes a reservation with a Credit Card Guarantee, Tavolos would charge you 200 THB (10% of 2 x 1,000  THB).

Tavolos charges restaurants whether or not a reservation shows up.